Just a few slaves have so far achieved the honour of earning the title
"Slave of Empress Victoria".
This is the highest grade possible for any slave in the world.
Just think about it. Work extra hard for me, show me extreme levels of humility, obedience, respect and honesty and maybe one day you might earn this title for yourself.






Some excerpts from worldwide slave applications:



I know how to start but don't know where to end.
Empress Victoria EV is tall, bright, charming, with shining eyes, warm smile and sweet magical voice ..I discovered she is a cultivated woman, pleasant to talk to, adores music, and loves to discover the world.. an adventurer person..

I know EV since 2010 when I first came across her clips. I know her from the clips and pictures she posted on the internet, not in person.. Since then, I became a true fan and follower as I have purchased most of her clips.. she features on many websites and production agencies.. to me, she is ranked number ONE among other mistresses and doms.

My first experience with a real mistress.

She gave me the pleasure I was looking for and even surpassed my expectations.
I feel like knowing her from a long time.. Today is the 10th day after my appointment with her.. I just can't but keep thinking of her every single moment of the day.

The journey started on a sunny morning in mid-August when I decided to send Empress Victoria an email requesting an appointment for a session . I briefly described what I was looking for in the session. I was a little skeptical that she would even answer me. But she did!!! I received her reply setting a date for our appointment in Munich on October 22nd at 10am for a 2 hours session. I immediately comfirmed it back to her. It was like 12 weeks ahead of the great day... I became impatient, desperately counting the weeks by days and nights until the day arrived.

I travelled 4 hours by plane with one single mission in mind: to have a session with EV.

On October 22nd, I woke up at my hotel room at 6:30am. Got my self ready and set to go on the S2 train from Haubahnoff to a little town in the north (about 50 min by train). The place she wanted us to meet. I wanted to be ready as early as possible as she requested me to be at her hotel room door at 10 sharp.. I stopped by a flower shop to get her beautiful red roses.. and was at her room, knocking 3 times... my heart was audibly knocking 3000 times... I heard her foot steps in high heels drawing near to open the door. I wanted to close my eyes when she opens.. I couldn't resist...WOW!!!.. words cannot describe this moment.. In real, she is much more beautiful than she looks like in clips and pictures..

She invited me gently to her room with her smile and soft voice.. we chatted a little before the session started.. She took her time smoothly to make me comfortable during our first encounter.

Her skin is soft, luminous and scented so beautifully.. marked by her toe ring - it is EV's signature and trademark. She is very graceful in what she does... she could be so warm and could be very strict if she needs to.

it is was my episode #1 with her, in a series that I hope it continues and would never end..
I will not disclose more details of these moments as I prefer to keep them to her and to myself..

Certainly these were one of the best and unforgettable moments I had in my life.. looking forward to our next encounter, episode #2, hopefully soon.. She promised me more surprising things.. I can't wait for that..





 " Divine Empress Victoria ,

I'm very impressed by Your beauty and elegance. You are the most beautiful, classy and gorgeous Mistress I've ever seen, and I'm now hopelessly devoted to Your intoxicating power! "

" I'd do everything you ask to have a chance to be your slave in cam. It's much time I follow you on clips4sale, and can't get enough of  your videos, you SUCH a tease!!
You stunning!! "



A day to remember


The sun was shining at these wonderful afternoon in August but the sun starts to hide behind clouds when Empress Victoria appears. Her look was just gorgeous!


U know from the pics and clips on this page she is leggy and has long blond hair (both i really love). And the outfits she was wearing this day: wooow, yea-haaa!!


But she was smiling at me like a tiger. And then she was telling me: "you will be my servant today" and an emotional rollercoaster starts. Normally i am the servant behind the cam. What will happen now?


She was giving short orders like "get naked" and "down on your knees". She never is shouting, she knows exactly she dont have to. A clear order is enough to make her servants fulfill her wishes.


She was kicking me hard. She punished me with a whip (not her biggest one, thank god). She was spitting at me. And i was just helpless. A few hours before i was sitting in my office. A respactable businessmann.Now i was laying on the ground, heels on my back and the laughing of a real Mistress in my ears. And i was proud to serve here, to make her smile. Crazy? May be. But wonderful too!


After more then 2 hours she sending me away. i asked her for more orders, i wanted more! Her cool answer was : "write a Report. In English!" So i did. As good as it gets (sorry for the mistakes i surely made).


Words cant discribe all different kind of emotions when you are kneel down in front of a strong, sensitive and sexy Lady like Empress Victoria ! I will keep all the moments in a good memory! And i am very happy we keep a few of these moments with the cam so i can watch them. And again and again...,-)


All the best, Li`l Wolf